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People. Technology.

We build innovative and dynamic solutions that meet businesses evolving needs. Our mission is to strengthen their competitiveness with data and technology.

Bricobomba is derived from the French word bricolage, which roughly means do-it-yourself. This embodies what we do. We empower our clients with knowledge and give them the tools to do-it-themselves. Data Management, Business Intelligence, Analytics and Cloud Architecture are our expertise areas.


People are at the centre of everything we do, and we believe that technology should work in service of people.

Great work has a purpose, and we want to feel fulfilled with what we do. By working together as a team, we learn from our mistakes and enhance each other's strengths.

We are growing, innovating, and changing. By keeping an eye on the future and embracing change we are continuously adapting to new challenges. Our team loves new technology, learning new skills and being solution focused. To be entrepreneurial by nature is to be optimistic. This is something we look for when hiring. And we are hiring. We love how each new person adds to our culture. We welcome people of all backgrounds and from all walks of life. 

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