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At Bricobomba we aim to create the highest client value possible

We do this by maximizing the time we spend on innovation and inventing new and better solutions. Our main tool is Bricobombas’ common codebase that is reviewed and improved every day. This allows us to make use of the learnings we gain from each project in a tangible way. Our know-how is sustainable, reusable, and available.

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The Bricobomba Differentiator

The Bricobomba differentiator is our view of how to build long-term value, for employees and clients. We create value by always materializing newly gained learnings in our common codebase. Bricobombas’ common codebase reflects how we develop as a company and with each new successful project, we grow along with our clients. 

The eleventh-hour  ​

The eleventh hour is Bricbombas’ process for securing what we have learned in our client projects. For every 10 hours we work in client projects, we invest one hour in further developing our own codebase. By doing so, we continuously update our codebase with newly acquired know-how. Our goal is to learn and constantly improve.​

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How we work

We are convinced that the best possible way to learn something new is together with inspiring and competent colleagues. At Bricobomba, we gather the best people, in the areas of data – strategy – technology. We always strive to work and deliver as a team.

We strive to build a diverse, inclusive and equitable organization. Always encouraging self-expression – we are most creative when we work together across diverse backgrounds, cultures and experiences. We empower each other by bringing unique perspectives and experiences to work.  

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By keeping an open mind and listening we encourage everyone to take initiative and we support each other along the way, from pitching ideas to reality. Putting our egos aside and turn mistakes into something positive. We are curious and know there is always something new to explore. We are in this together as a team, in a partnership with our clients. 

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Bricobombas clients are industry leaders. We help our clients transform their businesses with data and technology. Our know-how combined with the clients’ expertise enables us to develop pragmatic solutions and strategies. We believe this is what creates the best value over time.  


When we are not creating, we are communicating. Spinning around new ideas and sharing our learnings contributes to 

interesting, challenging, and 

exciting topics. Bricobombas 

communication is transparent. We believe that communication helps us make better decisions and result in stronger outcomes.  


Being pragmatic


Being part of a team of skilled colleagues with diverse backgrounds and different driving forces is for me the best way to grow, both professionally and personally. The level of competence at Bricobomba is very high.

Jesper Berg, consultant at Bricobomba

Interested in working with us?

Visit Bricobomba's LinkedIn page for information regarding available positions or visit our career page here!

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