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Data has become an invaluable
asset for achieving business operational excellence. It is also essential for creating an innovative culture. 

Our services

Data Engineering

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BI Development

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Data Analysis

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Data Management

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Data Strategy

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Data Driven

Business Development


We have an agnostics approach when it comes to technology. And we will always recommend the tools and technology that creates most client value.

Right now, we think it is extra fun to work with below technologies and platforms.



Power BI



In our professional culture, we strive to gather and structure everything we learn. We do this by continuously developing our common codebase. Of all the great stuff in our codebase we are most proud of our framework for building and managing cost-effective data platforms in the cloud. 

Data Platform

Technology and established processes for collecting, refining and sharing data is top priority for every business. At Bricobomba, we have gathered our accumulated knowledge on working with data in our Data Platform Framework.   ​​​

Embracing change is vital, but we find it equally important to use what we already know. The Bricobomba Data Platform Framework combines established know-how with the advantages of modern cloud technology. The aim is to find balance between businesses changing needs and ambition for cost effective maintenance.  

Cloud Technology

The ability to adapt to new technology is key for future success for businesses. Cloud technology offers a faster way of replacing old technology with new. It also removes all financial thresholds for applying new technology, straight up pay as you go. ​

At Bricobomba we love the cloud. In fact, we love the cloud so much that we made our framework run on all three major cloud services: Azure, GCP and AWS. 

The Framework

So, what does this framework consist of? It is a codebase. A codebase that supports integration, data transformation, data storage, data warehousing, meta data management, platform management, documentation and much more.   

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