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Rusta is a Swedish retail company who makes interior products, founded in 1986. Rusta offers a wide range of functional and trendy products, both for indoors and outdoors. They have over 170 department stores in Sweden, Norway, Germany and Finland.

We started our partnership with Rusta 2019. Over the years, Rusta has experienced an increased growth and we have worked closely with Rustas team to improve their capabilities within Data Warehousing, Reporting and Data Analysis. Today, Bricobomba is providing Rustas Business Intelligence function and is responsible for managing and further developing their Business Intelligence platform, based on Bricobombas framework. 


FRENDA’s mission is to simplify everyday 

life for those who work in dental care. By having expertise in both dental care and IT, FRENDA’s service consists of functions such as medical records, and X-ray as well as storage and backup in a single solution.  

We helped FRENDA to set up an effective data platform based on Bricobombas framework for data-platform development and management. The framework consists of devops infrastructure that facilitates rapid development of current and future business logics. The new data model enables FRENDA to provide its costumers with reports and analyses, in a more timely and cost-effectivemanner.  


Smile is one of Scandinavias’ leading private dental chains. With clinics throughout Sweden, from Trelleborg to Kiruna, Smile provides dental care experiences of the highest quality.  


Together with Smile, we have been working on developing their new Data Platform based on Bricobombas’ framework for Data Warehouses in the cloud.  By implementing a modular design based on Azure components Smile is now focused to further their Business Intelligence journey. The design is based on scalable cloud components which enables data integrations both large and small with ease. Today, we are providing Smiles Business Intelligence function and are responsible for managing and further developing their Business Intelligence platform. 

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